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 How did you discover korfball?

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Gav It might be interesting to find out how we all discovered korfball. Do a few 'korfball evangelists' recruit vast numbers of people? Are people discovering the sport by accident or through planned promtional activities?

There's scope for a poll here, but lets see the different types of answer that we get first.

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sicknote Had a school demonstration

The alien said mooo!

Gav I was invited to the first Manchester Uni training session of 1995 by a housemate, that was the first I'd heard of korfball and I went not really having a clue what it was. He actually only asked me about 30 minutes before leaving, so it's lucky I wasn't busy! I think he'd been collared my Liam at the freshers fair. Rachel Olding took the first training session, Liam thereafter.

Korfball.com Webmaster

Christine_04 My dad was sat in the dentist and picked up a rushcliffe festival leaflet and saw that there was a free try out section for korfball and thought I might like to try it. And now I love it!!!


Taff ho ho - vivid memory this one. I went straight to the pub from Basketball training ranting about what a bunch of egotistical tw@ts they were, and how none of them would pass me the ball. One of the lasses there said I should give korfball a go since even "if you can't score on the court you might score off it".


(Actually, being trusted to take the first sudden-death penalty in the final of my first tournament in Bath might have swung me towards the way of the korf a bit too..... but only a bit, it was mainly the girls. )

Cardiff City http://www.cardiffcitykorfball.co.uk

patrick I did a couple of ************** tournaments (being a Tea-kwon-do boy). I was not really interested, but it was the only sport I could play without feeling totally useless on the pitch.

When I was about 10 y.o. one of the local teams was a man short and a friend of mine (yes, it was a girl) invited me to a training session to make up for numbers. After the indoor season and the last half of the outdoor season I decided to stick with korfball and loose Tea-kwan-do (which I was succesfully doing for 4 or 5 years already).

I arrived in a low team that was totally not focussed on results (except for loosing). Year after I played in the C1 (god I haited that team). Year after I played the low team again.... During that year I stated training with a B2-division (now called B-Hoofdklasse/Overgangsklasse) team as well and leveled my korfball skills. In the second half of the outdoor competition I was playing for both the low and the B2-level team succesfully.

Since than I have been playing high levels on and off and the last 2 years I decided to focus on university and play at a lower level, and now I am up again....(notts 2)

100% korfball

Gill My friend who I'd know since I was 8 had discovered it. We were both about 42 at the time! After a year of trying to understand what she was on about we went to see her in Norwich and watched a game, came back to Stoke and joined Castle "en famille". The rest, as they say, is history.

jif simple for me FRANK SIEBER, only reason i started playing

Ruth My housemate's lab partner set up Leeds uni club when I was doing my PGCE and I was looking for something to replace rowing, which I didn't have time for anymore.


Doing PhD at Cambridge, a friend was playing in the basketball team, I went to watch and spent more time watching the bizarre sport going on on the other court - one of my friends was playing and dragged me along from there.


Karl Sieber Frank Sieber again. Bit difficult to not get involved in the game when your Dad is a coach, involved with the BKA and KKA and eats, drinks, sleeps and breathes the game!

Deano National Youth Day....!
Rob Smith Freshers fair, Cambridge Uni, 1990. And if you think that makes me old, you are right on. I wasn't even a student but the hanger-on of a mature colonial post-grad. We'd enjoyed playing (mixed) indoor netball in NZ and korfball seemed a good way of doing something similar. Turns out it was a million times better.

From what others are posting, and from my own observation, being the 'victim' of a planned recruitment activity, I think I am likely to be in the minority. My hunch is that most posts in here will be in the nature of 'a friend of a friend of my auntie's neighbour's cat persuaded me to give it a go, and the rest is history.'

In which case there is probably a host of different messages that we should be learning from - though I'm not quite sure what they are, other than the obvious: we all have to be missionaries.

Peter Walking across the Cannons leisure centre 21 years ago, minding my business when Christine Hunter/Frank Oele. spotted me causing trouble and asked me to try and put the ball in this basket. remeber this was when the ball could come out anywhere under the basket as the pole was directly under and not to the side.

After spending an hour watching,joining in and playing i was HOOKED.


i must say that korfball in those days was about fun, going abroad to holland and emphasis on playing 3 zone outdoor.

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mandee lol, my uncle was international referee, my auntie, mum, cousins and brother played so i couldnt get out of it really!!!


I walked past Castle KC posters in the sports centre for several years as a student and always fancied trying korfball, but the training nights clashed with BUSA (British University Sports Assocation) fencing matches. Once I ceased to be eligible for the student team I finally got round to trying it.


woody Mike and Nikki were my foundation. They introduced me in yr5 at primary school and from then on i have enjoyed it very much, so a big thanks to them two special people.

Big Al while trying to recruit new members for the Uni golf society at Nottm's 1998 fresher's fayre I was encouraged to play Korfball by Alex Ford, Jam Trubrudge, Alex Beavan, Beckz, and others. Thanks to them I found I sport which I enjoyed playing indoors during the cold months - which as a fair weather golfer was great...

I enjoyed it so much that year I was nominated for "Korfball Slag of the year for 1998-1999" by Llew Cox and duly won at the 1999 "korf-ball" in sheffield. I lost the certificate very soon after as I was heavily under the influence of alcohol mainly due to me mixing my drinks... I think there was a dodgy photo taken up my kilt that I was wearing at the ball...

Korfball Prediction League - www.korfed.co.uk
Nottingham Korfball Club - www.nottskorfball.co.uk
Cental England Korfball League & CEKL Prediction League - www.cekl.co.uk

Jam 1997 Notts Uni Fresher's Fayre, tried to sign up for basketball club but was told that I wasn't good enough despite them not seeing me play. The next table was korfball where Pete, Lee and Damo were lying on the floor so people couldn't walk past. Thought it looked good fun so gave it a go...

2 weeks later played my first match at Lancaster Beginners tournament. My first match I marked a big lanky ginger dude by the name of Synott (no one told he had played before ) and then got talking to Mr Liam Clarke who invited me to a trip to Friesland in the summer.

Had only been playing 2 weeks, had marked a GB International <well tried to>, been invited to a trip to Holland and been subjected to the infamous drinking games of Mr Andy Bissell. What a top sport!

re Well here's a slightly different one.... I was working at a hospital in Africa. A group of us had gone out in the truck to take supplies round to some of the clinics in the villages within the hospital's catchment area. In one of the villages there was a goup of kids kicking a football around and a stray kick sent it our way. I picked it up and threw it back to them. One of the people I was with was a medical student on elective and she said "you throw like you play ball sports - are you a netballer?" When I said yes, she said I should try korfball, which she'd played as a student. When I got back to the UK I went off to do my PhD and looked up the university korfball club. Arrived at the beginnners session to find an entertaining level of chaos, Hugh Barker and Jon Herbert bounding around full of boyish enthusiasm, and a much nicer bunch of people than the university netballers.

Strange to think how different life would have been if that little African kid hadn't skied that particular kick.....

dom Oxford Uni Freshers Fair 1991: the people on the Volleyball stand had popped out for some lunch, so I asked the guys on the stand next door (who were plugging some sport I'd never heard of) whether they knew what time they'd be back. And we got talking...

They are such little things that can change a lifetime...

& Light


stuart i I was playing top level korfball before my eyes had even seen the world,fact! Started playing "seriously". when at 16 i got a 6 month ban from my local f.a. Staged a sit down protest on the pitch an it turned to near rioting,if only i'd known.
from then Bec kc have been immense in my development!

Edited by - stuart i on 03/03/2004 1:04:59 PM

Vinny Lancaster Uni Freshers Fair in '94

Basketball club seemed like a bunch of w***ers and the Korfballers were enthusiastic and female!

Dragged my best mate along to the first session (which was hugely busy and no fun), and only came back becuase the coach at the time (Ali) had nice legs!

Got hooked at few weeks later at the Lancaster beginners tournament where afore mentioned best mate got together with a young lady who is now his wife! All thanks to a nice set of pins.....


Samos Went down the normal route of discovering the netball/basketball club(delete as appropriate - we have a lot to thank all those k*obheads for!) were evil. Mel had joined korf a couple of weeks before and told me it was fab so off I went to see. Went to my first social that evening and played 'one red hen' and was sick in Matt Laxton's sink - haven't looked back since!!!

Fro Man Uni Freshers Fayre 2001, signed up for basketball then saw korfball stand with photos of bebauchery and little beers. Went to the first training sessions and scored lots, then went to Lanc beginners tournament and scored lots, then went to the social and scored again.

The morning after i thought, 'I like this game' and stayed.


Andy 'Fro' Barkwith
BSKA Chair

nick3 Some mad dutch people (well i couldn't understand the accent) and some other people from Nomads turned up to show my primary school what Korfball was. I wish i could remember who they were and if they still play now to say thank you but i can't. Now basically there were two factors in my decision to go to training and get addicted to Korfball. The first being i was better than everybody else in my class, the second being girls (seems to be a bit of a running theme ) that i liked showing some interest too. Unfortunately they didn't go but i did, i was still reasonably good and i liked nearly all the people there too I'll avoid cliches but the fact i'm still playing 6 years later says alot.

Also i hate basketball and as much as there is a basket there is very little comparison between the two. Also the elitism of most sports puts me off which there is none in korfball, having fun with lovely funky people is my kind of thing

Laurie When I first came to England I joined a cricket club and played with Neil Borthwick (Vultrix). At the end of the season he convinced me to come along to this korfball thing to keep fit (well, get fit) over winter. Haven't played cricket for years now.

The way he had described the game to me made it sound like handball, so when I arrived at the first training at Brixton Rec neither activity at either side of the hall looked like what I was expecting so I nearly went home again.

I have this vivid memory of my first game (Vultrix 4, outdoors), mainly because I've never been so knackered in all my life...

Supernova Korfball Club

nickd 1999, Oxford.
Played very recreational basketball at work, which died a death as people left. Kirsty Prentice (now of NZ) suggested I try this similar thing, needed to stay fit, showed up, Clarkie showed me how to shoot (properly, not like him ), the rest is history.

http://www.oxfordshirekorfball.org.uk - it's here!

mattd 1993 - Sheffield University freshers fair, stall manned by Ed (now at Tottenham)and unknown scouser who enthusiastically pointed out that it didn't matter what the sport was like as there were "4 birds on every team". His words not mine Gill. :)

Having nearly killed several people in a unfortunate 'archery incident', found the Basketballers to be egotistical ******s and stepped on one too many toes at ballroom dancing during the rest of freshers week, I stuck with and eventually got hooked on Korfball!

Incidentally I also stuck with student Rugby for about half a year but eventually got tired of drinking my own bodily fluids by way of a night out. Funny that.


tamara London Uni freshers fayre, 1992 - was told I was too short for the netball team, but was immediately collared by a mad super-enthusiastic bloke (Max Buttinger) telling me that I was guaranteed a place on the Imperial College korfball team, because they had no girls at Imperial. Somehow he convinced me to become treasurer of the club as well that night, before I'd even seen the game played. And to seal the deal he promised his mum would cook us all breakfast and lunch if we turned up to play for Vultrix 5 on Sunday..

The Wolf Back in the good old winter 3-division freezing cold days of 78/79 a mate of mine from school was Nomads 3rd team captain - they only had 3 teams at the time and was always short of players on a Saturday night for Sunday's game - a free beer and I was sold. A few sessions with Pete Allen helped too!

Off to Poly in Coventry - no Korfball.

Moved to Cambridge in 91 looking for something to do saw poster - turned up - hooked! Thanks to Jon H, Hughie and the rest of the Cambridge evangelists.

Got mugged by Jon H again in the Midlands. Now setting up Wolverhampton KC (or whatever) in April or May.

Gill Whatever else anyone says about the game there is a really brilliant feel good factor here. Also recruitment relies on being in the right place at the right time, friendly and welcoming!

Strange how women find the presence of men less of a compelling factor than men find the presence of women.

nick3 Simply because the prospect of having fun playing sport with the good chance of fit and attractive girls there too is massively interesting

On a non male stereotype way Korfball would be boring if it wasn't mixed sex and i wouldn't know so many nice people.

Btw all the edits, spelling mistakes

Edited by - nick3 on 04/03/2004 10:22:06 PM

Edited by - nick3 on 04/03/2004 10:23:24 PM

matthewstd I tried about 5 "new" sports in my first two weeks at uni, and just thought Korfball was fun. I diodn`t accually play a lot in my first year, only really got into it my second

I wanted to play cricket as i played to a high standard at home, and spent a lot of my first year doing that, but they still remain the most arogant bunch of (and i can't find a word that does justice) that i have ever met. Their loss.

Oh, and Taff, it's all his fault.
he made me do it all.


Terry D Matthews
Cardiff City Korfball Club

Rob Smith I know I've already done the confessional, but what a great topic (is this what you were saying, Gill?). Top effort, Gav, for coming up with this one and thanks everyone for your postings - keep 'em coming everyone else!

kieran i got in through the club skool link when i was just a scrawny little rascal. at the end of the first session kathy told us about doing it that evening, and if i hadn't gone to that, i wouldn't be here today!


kirstyp I read about it on the back page of the free local paper that was pushed through my door in Newcastle Under Lyme. There was a short story and photo of a couple of guys next to a post. I gave the number a call (Jon H), checked it was still happening, turned up and was hooked. Apparently the story resulted in just two of us at Castle Korfball.

I'm now trying the same technique to find players in Wellington, NZ.

Korfball Kathy My big brother, Derek Shaw, played at Ripon and York, with Jane Abbey and Sam Wells ! They were National Student Champions in the early 90's !

Well, every time my bro' came home and played at the Nottm. Uni. Tourney, he dragged me out to watch. Being a solo sport specialist, (gymnast, jogger, triathlete), it took me three years of watching and then having my eves lasered before I finally took the plunge in 1992/93. Started playing with Derek and Emma Lancashire (nee Sherratt) at Sutton Bonnington K.C., which went on to be part of Nottingham K.C.

Been hooked ever since ! And yes, I met my partner at korf and that make little Mattie a thoroughbred korfer !

Ruth We've got several baby korfers here in Nottingham now. Alan and I met through korf, so Kate's a thoroughbred too!

dodg Was walking around the Sports Fayre at Brum Uni in 2001 when the girl I was with wanted to go look at the Equistrian Society. Well I had no interest there so was simply having a look round the stalls. Saw 'Korfball' manned by little and large (Ben Matthews and Tom Brady) and just went over to ask what the hell Korfball was. 2 minutes later, and a few shots at the post I had a leaflet in my hand and thought I might as well go along to the first training session.

Went to Cardiff Beginners tournament where we played 'pass the ice cube' with such verocity that I thought I had to stay. Never looked back ever since. I think Tom could talk anyone into anything mind ... :)

AnnaT Went to Notts Uni freshers fair, planning to join basketball, but the woman on the stand was HUGE, and scary. She told me that the women and the men didn't mix in basketball, they were totally different clubs. She scared me. Nearby there was a loud, blond, spikey haired lad, shouting out what a wonderful sport Korfball was. When I went to find out what it was all about (nothing to do with the fact that he was blond and attractive - honest!) he persuaded me to come along to the first training session.

Enjoyed the first training session, enjoyed my first tournament (Lancaster tournie), and managed to travel to Poland for my first taste of international Korfball within 6 months! What more could I wish for!

Seems there are some common themes for how students get into Korfball which maybe can be expoited:
1) Put the Korfball stand next to Netball / Basketball at Freshers Fair.
2) Put an attractive female / male player on the stand.
3) Get new players playing tournaments as soon as possible (is Lancaster beginners tournie still going?)
4) Make sure there are enthusiastic coaches / players at the first training session.

simon w Yup - women in short skirts telling you about a mixed sport that has lots of socialising is a pretty safe bet for ensnaring most blokes.

I was roped into it at the when my girlfriend at the time made me join at the start of my 2nd year at Sheff. It sounded like a laugh and I was even recruiting at Freshers Fair without having ever played - it's bit difficult to explain to bewildered students when you haven't got a clue yourself. Icecubes were big that year if I remember right so that was that.

Townsend Is anyone keeping the score? Liam and Jon H seem to be doing well.

Anyway, I'm old enough to have seen korfball on Channel 4's World Games coverage in 1985. I thought, "that looks like fun," volunteered at Freshers' Fair when I started college a few weeks later and I've been trying to give up ever since.

Keeping Division 1 co-ordinated at http://www.cekl.co.uk

beverley hall I come from a "korfball family" but it took me 25 years to take it up.

I came back from travelling and was fed up with the Drs Nurses and dentists I was mixing with and wanted to meet some normal people!!!

I started by answering an advert in the evening standard. I still enjoy it and am very happy being trained by Peter Teague and Ross at Mitcham.

Stuart- my cousin still plays, Manchester now and I belive still has the best long shot around!

Jacks Played korfball randomly as a kid (still 3-zone!) when North Downs needed another pair of legs as all the netballers I played with were korfers too.

Didn't think another thing about it for years, until I got bored with the blondy-cliqueness of uni netball in my 2nd year and followed emma sheratt to training one night as she had 'korfball' written on her bag...

Much adoration (because I was a girl who could catch AND throw!) and Lancaster Uni tournament later, I was sucked into korfball at Notts Uni and have loved it ever since. Crazy fools...

Tony1 I was introduced by Kevin Allen - for my sins!!! From UWE days I am certain that there are a large number of people in the South West and from UWE in the late 90s who are in the same boat as me!

Tony Fripp


My housemate's lab partner set up Leeds uni club when I was doing my PGCE and I was looking for something to replace rowing, which I didn't have time for anymore.


Was this Louise? Now married to Rich Blanchfield (ex-Sheffield fame) I remember getting her and Hazel to join at Sheffield Uni. This was closely followed by spending 36 hours in her company. Those were the days.

Does this mean I am partly responsible for korfball babies?

Lanne i'm dutch, and I live in Papendrecht. the hometown of PKC.
Its hard not to discover korfball. I started to play when I was 5. My mum took me to PKC becouse I was such a pain in the ass. I was always running around. She hoped that Korfball would take some of my energy away... And it worked!!


Ruth AndyB

It was Hazel who was my housemate's lab partner. So yes I suppose you are responsible in a way, just don't tell my husband!


Magnus Sharon Doherty & Brian Gardine placed an advert in the local free rag & I went along. [Formerly of Sheffield & Lancaster Unis respectively].

However, when I did my PGCE one of the guys on my course had played at Uni, Bristol I think. [Oh B*(%(*&% forgot the gits name].

He had mentioned it and as I had not heard from him for a bit I thought he may of been running the session advertised, as such I went along and nearly nine year later Senior Scottish Korfball is still going.

[And yes I was looking to go out and have a few beers........].


Smile, make 'em wonder what you've been upto!!

caraallan My story is obvious.... I come from a BIG Korfball family. My first ever game was for Mitcham when I was dragged on the pitch for their junior team (I was 10) when they were short. I was so embarrassed that I shot when I had about 4 defenders on me (you know what juniors are like!) ... that I made my own team of friends and we became Nomads juniors. Nothing like humiliation to drive you elsewhere!!

But how did we get to be a BIG Korfball family....

My Dad (Peter Allan) found his way into Korfball via "It's a Knockout" - he was coaching swimming in Mitcham and all the different sports clubs in Merton were invited to send people to try out for the TV program. Some of the people there were from Mitcham Korfball Club ... Peter Dunckley amongst them... Many of them became friends leading to Dad being asked to play for Mitcham 3 because they were short - we've all heard that somewhere haven't we!?!? Two weeks later he went to watch a Mitcham match and as the referee failed to arrive he was asked to blow the whistle when he was told too!!!! The following Summer, Dad got together a group of friends to play in some tournaments = Nomads!!!

Elsie Renew approached him asking whether they were playing in the league the following season. The girls wanted to but the boys were footballers. The boys said they would play when they could and would help run the club provided the girls could find more boys. My Mum's(Mary Allan) sister (Geri Troy) went to a party the next Saturday and came back with 6 boys (wish I could do that!) - one of whom (Roger Penrose) still plays occasionally for Nomads.

My Mum had never played sport in her life until dragged out to play in those first Summer tournaments.

The rest is history....

Some others from Dad's swimming club (Mitcham Clarion) also went the way of the Korf with him .... Sue Taylor (Northdowns), Carole and Peter Gittins (Northdowns), Gary Olds (Nomads) and many others no longer playing... not a bad recruiter eh!? Maybe we should stop targeting netballers and basketballers and go for the swimmers!!

Baggie kids were playing, and got roped into playing for the new adults team and committee. Getting a bit old to run around the courts but enjoying it

Stephen C Moratti

Gav Let's resurrect this for those who haven't seen it. A truly classic topic. No tangents please!

Korfball.com Webmaster

chris_white_22 I started two seasons ago when I saw a poster at work. Susie Knight (ex-Nottingham) had stuck a few posters around the local hospital (where she and I worked) - I was looking for something that my g/f and I could play / do together as we'd just come to Nottingham, and the rest is urmmmm...a blur!

Reda t'was the summer of 1995...june...a young 16 year old lad was flicking through the local papers when he saw an advertisment for a new club that was starting up, playing a sport called korfball at his local sports hall...never heard of the sport in his life but he thought it must have been that sport he saw that other day on transworld sport on C4 that had small square goals and people flinging the ball into the nets (yet he didnt really this sport was really called handball...d'oh!!)......so, he arrived one wednesday evening expecting to see these goals and young kids like him around him enjoying this new opportunity, when he was faced by these daunting long posts and people of all ages taking shots into these posts...the youngest person there, but thank you to mr john herbert for introducing to him this fantastic game and as a result the great friends he's made....but most importantly....playing for the best club in cambridge...THE MIGHTY TIGERS...

10 YEARS ON...plus a few months now, and they're still going strong

how does it all end...hopefully it never well!!!!

LisaLou The Woolmers got me first involved with Korfball

Michiel played a few school korfball tournaments and than joined the local club.

timasby well i can blame simon, tom and chen who were on my course at sheffield in 98 or there abouts and persuaded me from the darkside of dunking and 3 pointers,
then it all gets a bit insectiuous (think thats how you spell it), moved to cambridge cause sam said i could stay at jam's place (met once in sheffield) for a week and played with teh mighty migth cambridge kites (well they were at the time - not sure what they are up to now) and then went to christchurch, NZ were it's all ended up getting a bit serious....
sorry you did say life story didn't you....
koosh In sixth form in Impington, near Cambridge, a gentleman whose name I've totally forgotten did some korfball coaching during weekly sports sessions. It was a very strange form of korfball as most of the participants were blokes who were all a bit peeved that there was no basketball on offer!

So for about 6 years I'd totally forgotten about the game until one day during a softball game one of the girls on my team just happened to have a korfball with her - thinking it looked a bit funny for a football I just asked "What's that?" and she said "It's a korfball" and my memory twigged. A few weeks later I went to a training session in Highbury. Two weekends after that I was playing in my first tournament up in Castle - I didn't have a clue what I was doing but I loved it!

Korfball, north of the river! http://www.highburykorfball.com

Liv I went along to make fun of my sister who had started playing some random sport that I thought sounded rubbish. Mr Johnny Sherbet had me hooked from session one and within a year or so I began coaching the club!!

The Basics of Korfball
A handbook for players and coaches

Boff I got picked for my Primary school team beacause no-one else would play.
10 years later...


katie I was looking for a new sport to do (at Cambridge Uni) because my college water polo team had just been knocked out of the cup and I was no good at water polo anyway. A guy in my lectures (Andy Lynch it's all your fault!) suggested coming to korfball, I did think it involved a basket but for some reason thought that both teams shot into the same basket due to something I'd seen in a film sometime. Got there, Hughie who was coaching explained the long shot technique, I tried it, the first one went in and I got hooked...

Korfball among the concrete cows www.mkkorfball.co.uk ...

Gav Well, it's been 18 months since the last time this topic was brought back from the dead, so I'll do it again. If you've joined the forums in the last 18 months, or missed it before, you might want to read some of the accounts in here and add your own tale of finding the way of the korf.

Korfball.com Webmaster

The Wolf Now a history lesson...

In around 1978/79 I was at school with a guy called Mike Wright who was Nomads 3rd (of 3) team captain (Outdoor - 3 Division - Winter). At the time Nomads had about 34 regular players and as you well know getting everyone out is difficult enough so on Saturday nights Mike was still short of a player (or two). So in the pub on a Saturday night Mike got his wallet out and said he'd buy a round, shocking for those that remember him! the only condition was that if I accepted I have to meet him at Morden Tube Station at 10.30 on the Sunday morning to play Korfball - and that's how it started.

I then went to Nomads for a little while and was slightly infected with the Korfball bug through Peter Allen's enthusiasm.

After 10 years studying and living in Coventry I moved to Cambridge and saw a poster for Addenbrookes KC. There I received a further booster of the Korfball bug courtesy of John Herbert and stayed with Phoenix KC and Cambridgshire KA for 10 years.

Now I've movd to Wolverhampton and still can't get away, since Gozo's roped me in to help with Aston Uni KC.

If anyone knows anyone living in or around Wolverhampton maybe I can try to get Wolves KC off the ground again!!!!

The Wolf

Bluestar I was (still am) a footie player with a bit more hair than I have now. My girlfriend (now wife) was into aerobics and running but used to come and watch me play.

The father of one of my team mates was a korfballer and he and Maggi got chatting. Maggi was looking for a new sport and this sounded OK. I just went along for the extra stamina training but ended up getting hooked.

So we both played for Worcester Park until we merged with Pelham and we're still going strong(ish).

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